Former Virginia Tech Safety Davon Morgan Thinks Women Have Too Much Estrogen To Referee Football

Here we go…let’s break this thing down tweet-by-tweet.

Strong hypothesis, let’s dig a little deeper.

I wonder if Davon knows not every male official has played the game.

Gonna have to take his word for this one.

HERE WE GO!!! Now we’re getting somewhere. I’ve never had a menstrual cycle and can’t claim to know the ins and outs of how that goes down. I’m listening…

Davon losing a little credibility through this whole thing due to his inability to understand the plural form of “woman”.

Okay, we’re back on track.

If I’m picking up Davon’s analogy here, pretty sure all the macho football men are gonna start eating these lady refs pretty soon.

If Davon has a degree, the NCAA has to start an investigation immediately into Virginia Tech for some of those UNC paper classes.

“As a former college coach…” Fixed it for you, D.

Thought we were on a sexist rant, D-Morgs letting you know we’re talkin’ science here.

Yeah, ladies, D-Morgs loves all woman.

He lost me again.

He would eat the lady ref. That’s what he’s saying. Pitbull and poodle shit.

#MyOpinion is the new “all due respect”.

The big question: is our boy Davon wrong? He had some solid points with the estrogen and the testosterone and what not. Sure he had some confusing analogies, but I think the point stands.

FFS, stand for something, man.

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