Take the House: Thanksgiving Week CFB Recap


Thanksgiving week ended up +5 units after putting 41 units on the line. I’ll do the math for you, which is 23 in the plus column and 18 in the negative column. That’s a solid 56%. Not bad for a week full of short weeks for teams and rivalry games and missing out on two of my own top three picks.

Quick rundown of the games. ORIGINAL COLUMN

1. IDAHO (-2.5) over Texas State (5u) WIN

Final: Idaho 38-31

Vandals clinched it with a touchdown with a minute to go. Texas State brought a little more offense than expected, but I told you no one comes in to the Kibbie Dome (it was packed and if you don’t believe me, just look at that picture up top) and steals one on senior day. Easy money.

2. Marshall (+11) over WESTERN KENTUCKY (4u) LOSS

Final: WKU 49-28

Turns out walking with fear was the right thought here. I loved Marshall’s secondary, but they got absolutely shredded by Doughty. The Herd spotted them 21 early ones and played even the rest of the way.

3. MISSISSIPPI ST. (+1)  over Ole Miss (4u) LOSS

Final: Ole Miss 38-27

It wasn’t even really that close. Ole Miss was up 28-3 at half. Swag Kelly outperformed Dak and it was over really before it started. I’ll take a game like this where I’m embarrassingly wrong over a bad beat eight days a week. I stopped even watching this one after the first quarter. Bad beats torture your soul for three and a half hours and about six weeks after. Spin zone complete

4. ARKANSAS (-14) over Missouri (4u) WIN

Final: Arkansas 28-3

Turns out I was right that scoring points is essential to winning football games.

5. Indiana (-6.5) over PURDUE (3u) WIN

Final: IU 54-36

I don’t wanna talk about it.

6. Colorado (+17) over UTAH (3u) WIN

Final: Utah 20-14

Utah continues its streak of refusing to blow out inferior opponents. Hope they play someone shitty in bowl season.

7. Iowa-NEBRASKA (Over 58.0) (3u) LOSS

Final: Iowa 28-20

Brutal. There was 45 points scored in the 2nd and 3rd quarters and only 3 points in the 1st and 4th quarters. Side note: Can’t wait to pick against Iowa this week.


8. NORTHERN ILLINOIS (-13) over Ohio (3u) LOSS

Final: Ohio 26-21

BONUS: Bowling Green-BALL STATE (Under 75.0) (2u) WIN

Final: Bowling Green 48-10


I don’t know man. It’s just MACtion.

9. SAN DIEGO ST. (-18) over Nevada (2u) LOSS

Final: SDSU 31-14

Kind of a tough beat with SDSU going up 31-14 with 13:34 to go in the game and not scoring at least a field goal the rest of the way.

10. Georgia-GEORGIA TECH (Under 48.5) (2u) WIN


Final: UGA 13-7

This shit’s going under and unless you live in Georgia, you’re an idiot if you watch this game.

20 points and half of them were in the fourth quarter. I did not watch.

11. Ohio State (+105 ML) over MICHIGAN (2u) WIN

Final: OSU 42-13

I really should’ve put more on this one. An absolute massacre in The Big House.

12. SAN JOSE ST. (+7.5) over Boise St. (1u) LOSS

Final: BSU 40-23


13. Florida St. (-2) over FLORIDA (1u) WIN

Final: FSU 27-2

Florida’s offense is so dreadful they might not gain 100 on Bama this week.

14. STANFORD (-4) over Notre Dame (1u) LOSS

Final: Stanford 38-36

David Shaw’s use of timeouts was so dreadful. He’s NFL ready now.

15. SOUTH CAROLINA (+18) over Clemson (1u) WIN

Final: Clemson 37-32

Clemson is losing this weekend. Book it.

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