Picks of the Day: CBB and NBA

2-1 so far on the week. Big miss with Cal Poly, but anyone who thought Saint Mary’s would go 19-31(!!!) from deep is a liar


DUKE (-29) over Georgia Southern

Georgia Southern has lost to two of the worst teams in the country in Savannah State and The Citadel. They lost to a mediocre Auburn team by 30. Duke is Duke. They might win by 50.

MISSISSIPPI-Louisiana Tech under 149

Ole Miss plays at a below average pace and both of these teams are towards the bottom of the country at three-point shooting. The Rebels haven’t played a game that hit this total in their past seven games. Tech does like to push the ball, so this one will depend upon who controls the pace.

CHATTANOOGA (-11) over Tennessee Tech

The Mocs have road wins over Dayton, Illinois, and Georgia. For what it’s worth, they’re going to dominate the Southland Conference. Tennessee Tech is 7-3, but they’ve only played one team in the top 150 of the country and they lost by 26 to Arkansas, who’s rated only three spots higher that Chattanooga. If the Mocs were in a Power 5 conference, they’d be favored by 20+.

Monmouth (+8.5) over GEORGETOWN

Monmouth has played the 16th toughest schedule in the country and they’re 6-3 as a MAAC team. They have wins over UCLA, USC, and Notre Dame. Those three are all better than the Hoyas’ two best wins, Syracuse and Wisconsin. Early action on Georgetown caused the line to move up from 8.

GREEN BAY (-9) over Pacific

Not only has Pacific not beat a Division 1 team this year, but now their head coach and one of his assistants are suspended. It’s the first time they’ve left the west coast for a game all season.

UCLA (-11) over Louisiana-Lafayette

ULL’s only D-1 win is over McNeese State, who will be in the running for worst team in the country. Their closest loss was by 8 points to Alabama. I wouldn’t trust them to keep it close on their trip out to SoCal.

Mercer (+6.5) over AUBURN

Auburn has barely played anyone. Anyone they have played that’s been decent has resulted in a narrow win or a loss. Mercer is not only decent, but they will force the Tigers to slow it down to a pace their not comfortable with.


CELTICS (+2.5) over Cavaliers

You can make good money just betting against this Cavaliers team. They’re 8-14-1 ATS so far this year and the only reason they’re favorites in this game is the Lebron James factor, if you ask me. We’re through a good portion of the season and most metrics will tell you the Celtics are a top three or four team in the league, ranking slightly higher than this Cavs team they’re getting points from at home. It’s not a lock, but you have to take this one strictly on principle.


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