I apologize for the aggressive all caps in the title, but holy shit, man. If you read this morning’s picks, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I can live with being wrong on a pick, like my LaTech-Ole Miss under that missed by a million points. It happens. Never gonna go 100% in gambling. But Cinmeon Brown is now a mortal enemy of Money Line Parlays. We had Mercer +6.5 and Auburn was up five when Mercer missed a jumper with three seconds to go. And what does Cinmeon do? Did he run out the clock with Mercer making no attempt to foul? No, he did this shit.

Auburn could not have been more fired up down the stretch of that game to beat the second best team in the 21st best conference at home.

But it didn’t stop there. It will go under the radar, but Green Bay not covering the nine points against Pacific was brutal as well. They were up ten at half and basically were covering the entire second half. Until the final minute. Green Bay was up 11 at the 1:08 mark until Alec Kobre for Pacific hit four straight threes and Green Bay missed six free throws. Final: 93-88 Green Bay. Alec Kobre, Carrington Love, and Anthony Brown are also all now mortal enemies of Money Line Parlays.

Also, don’t think you’re off the hook, UCLA. Even Louisiana Tech blew out Louisiana-Lafayette. And you, Celtics. Up six at half and managed a whopping 31 points in the second half.

If you can’t tell it was a horrible day at 2-5-1. Gambling on sports is the worst.

More picks tomorrow.


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