Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets

Coin Toss: Heads -101

25 tails, 24 heads so far. If it’s not heads, the world is falling off it’s axis and we’re all dead.

First score of the game will be a field goal or safety – Even

Didn’t pay off in the national championship game, but it’s working this time.

First touchdown of the game will be anything other than a passing touchdown +110

Two teams in the top-10 in number of defensive passing touchdowns. Cam and Peyton have combined for only 5 passing TDs in four games.

1st Quarter tie +295

I’m sure there’s some statistic out there about the first quarter not ending in ties all that frequently, but there’s only three options and this one has the best pay out.

Longest TD of the game over 42.5 yards -110

Ted Ginn is gonna do it.

Cam Newton 10 or more rushing attempts +140

He’s hit 10 rushing attempts in 8 of his 18 games this year, including both of the playoff games. Six of those times have been in games where he’s below his average yards per attempt of 7.75. Given how good Denver’s pass D is, it’s likely he’ll be under that mark.

Demaryius Thomas over 125 receiving yards +650

Thomas has only gone over 100 four times this year and only once over 125. But all four of those 100 yard games were with Peyton playing. I think the Broncos are gonna throw a lot and the Panthers have allowed some big games to their opponent’s best receiver. Plus, the whole thing with his mom lately just makes me think he’s gonna have a big game.

Jonathan Stewart over 100 rushing and receiving yards +300

Stewart has gotten a lot of touches all year and I think he’s gonna be a big X-factor in the game. Running backs tend to get a lot of looks in the passing game against Denver. New England targeted their backs 19 times.

Luke Kuechly records an interception +275

He’s got six on the year – one in each playoff game – and I mean, it’s Peyton.

Cameron Artis-Payne scores a touchdown +1800

He’s only got one this year, but why the hell not.

Greg Olsen over 72.5 receiving yards -115

Olsen is the one passing option for the Panthers that you know is for sure gonna be targeted often.

Kicker to make first field goal: Brandon McManus – Even

McManus attempted 35 field goals, compared to Gano’s 36. Both of them made 30. The difference is McManus attempts field goals at a much higher rate of Denver’s scoring drives. He’s attempted 7 field goals in the playoffs. Gano has attempted 3. Gano is -130.

If Cam Newton scores a rushing touchdown what will he do first: Dance solo +225

I feel like if he scores he’s for sure dancing for 40 seconds just to spite every old white racist out there that’s complained about it. The favorite in the category is him giving the ball away, which I think he’ll do, but after his dance.

Broncos money line and under parlay +450

The better defense has won 40 of 49 Super Bowls. If the Broncos win, it’s gonna be a low scoring game.



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