Picks of the Day: CBB 2/16

2-3 yesterday. New Mexico State really got their dicks kicked in. Lehigh was about to sneak in the back door and within like 20 seconds, they were about to blow the game. Not much fan support for a team that’s one game out of lead in the Patriot League.

TEXAS (ML -135) over West Virginia – 3 units

Lost too many games on small spreads recently by a point or half point, so I’m just taking the money line. Anyway, Texas won at West Virginia a month ago. Pretty easy game to analyze too. Texas only had 8 turnovers and only 3 of those were steals for West Virginia. Steals and forced turnovers are the gas that makes this Mountaineer team go and without them, they score 49 points at home. It wasn’t some mistake either. Texas leads the league in offensive turnover percentage and offensive steal percentage. Taylor and Felix are the main ball handlers for the Longhorns and they both are well below the national average for turnover percentage. Also, in that game WV went 8-23 from the free throw line. While that’s especially bad, they’re 298th in the country in free throw percentage. Last year, Texas won this game by 27 at home and last year’s Longhorn team gave up the ball all the time. Texas has covered six of the last seven and won five of those games.

ILLINOIS (-15) over Rutgers
ILLINOIS-Rutgers under 142

Corey Sanders is suspended for the Scarlet Knights. In case you were wondering if Rutgers could somehow be worse this year, we’re about to find out because that kid is the Rutgers offense. He was averaging over 18 PPG and close to 5 APG in his 36 MPG. He had the highest usage rate of anyone in the conference. When they played Illinois in a triple overtime loss at home he had 39 points, 12 assists, 8 rebounds, and 3 steals. If they score more than 60 points, I’ll be surprised. They haven’t reached 60 in the five games Sanders scored in single digits. I don’t see them doing it without him on the floor entirely.

CBB YTD: 187-177-9 (51.4%)

NBA YTD: 72-59-1 (55.0%)

Total YTD: 259-236-10 (52.3%)

Above .500 days: 27

.500 days: 16

Below .500 days: 17


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