Picks of the Day: NCAA Tournament Round 1, Day 2

Just FYI, I’m not going to write about the picks this weekend. I’ve written thousands of words about these teams in the past couple days here and here. I’ve got about 10 different pieces I have to write for other sites, so I’ve gotta save time somewhere.

Syracuse (+1) over Dayton – 2 Units

Hawaii (+5) over California – 2 Units

(I took this early because I actually picked Hawaii to win SU, but I still like the number post-Wallace injury.

Little quick analysis to add now that Wallace is out. Hawaii thrives on creating turnovers to get out and get easy buckets. Wallace runs the point for the Bears. Sam Singer will take most of his minutes. Sam Singer turns the ball over at a higher rate than everybody on that team that handles the ball outside of the post. He turns it over on 27% of his possessions used, compared to Wallace’s 17. Rod Bobbitt might eat him up.)

MTSU (+11) over Michigan State – First Half

Wisconsin (-2) over Pittsburgh

SFA (+8) over West Virginia

St. Joseph’s (+3) over Cincinnati

BONUS: BYU (-6.5) over Virginia Tech

Hokies played an overtime game Wednesday night, traveled across the country Thursday, play in the Marriott Center on Friday. That’s a tough stretch. BYU crushed UAB on Wednesday at home.

Tournament Record: 10-2

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