Picks of the Day: NCAA Tournament Sweet 16, Day 1

Miami (+4.5) over Villanova

I just don’t see a lot of separation between the two. The thing that’s always worried me about Miami is they don’t have much NBA talent, if any. But I would say the same thing about Villanova. If you saw the ratings posts I’ve done, then you know they prefer Miami by a pretty good margin over Nova.

I like the matchup too. Nova launches threes at a pretty high rate and it accounts for a high percentage of their offense. Miami makes it difficult to get good looks on the perimeter and that’s backed up statistically. The Canes can match their guard play and I just like those guys to make more big plays in big moments.

That’s all I’ve got. The lines are all pretty spot on and there’s not a ton of separation between any of the teams playing today. I would lean on the underdogs in all of the games, but I don’t have a real good feel for the other three.


First Four: 0-1
Round 1, Day 1: 10-1
Round 1, Day 2: 9-0
Round 2, Day 1: 1-0-1
Round 2, Day 2: 2-2



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