Final CBB Tally (Featuring Worst Beats of Season) and NBA Playoff Plan

So, it’s been a little over a week now, but I just wanted to put a final bow on the college basketball betting season. After a strong finish to the season – going 27-10 in the tournament – we finished at 340-292-16 in CBB for +18.8 units.

It was an absolute grind and mostly torture, but I’d give anything to have an ETSU-Mercer line to look over right now. To celebrate the season, I thought I’d give a quick rundown of the four toughest beats I could remember off the top of my head. They probably weren’t necessarily the four worst, but they stuck with me for some reason. When it comes down to it, bad beats are why gambling becomes a brotherhood. Only a fellow gambler will understand and truly listen to your story of a dickpunch loss and he’ll have one better to give right back to you.

Bad Beat #4

March 3rd: Missouri State (-2) over Drake

It wasn’t truly a bad beat because it ended in a push, but it was the ultimate “like kissing your sister” push.

The recap provided from the next day:

I stated this past Sunday that I wasn’t going to complain all week because Greensboro pulled a cover out of their ass for me. So I’m going to stick to that. I’ll just state facts.

The facts of the matter:

  • Missouri St. (-2) was up two with four seconds left

  • Chris Kendrix was at the line shooting two free throws

  • Chris Kendrix is an 81.6% free throw shooter

  • Chris Kendrix missed both free throws

  • I pushed

As stated, I wasn’t going to complain too much because of Greensboro’s miracle cover earlier in the week, but had that not occurred, there definitely would’ve been a few F bombs and some serious accusations of Chris Kendrix being on the take.

Bad Beat #3

December 15th: Mercer (+6.5) over AUBURN

The day Cinmeon Bowers decided to get selfish and ruin my life.


I can’t totally blame the guy. If I knew I was going to shoot 30.1% from the field in SEC play, I’d take buckets any way I could get them. If you need to know anything about Auburn’s season, Bowers played the second most minutes and had the third highest usage rate.

Bad Beat #2

February 10th: St. Bonaventure (-4.5) over FORDHAM – 5 Units

Do I really have to say anything more? Another 80% free throw shooter missing late.

Bad Beat #1

January 7th: GEORGIA STATE-Troy under 139.5

Just read this.

Picks of the Day: CBB and NBA 1/8

That was such an unbelievably cruel way to lose. By the way, those tweets are still posted and I hate whoever is responsible for it.

You may have noticed I haven’t been posting any NBA plays. I’ve still been paying attention to the league, but between trying to maintain my personal and professional life, the NCAA Tournament, and the Masters, there’s only so much one man can do in a day.

The regular season ends on Wednesday night and at that point the playoff series will be set. Hopefully the prices for exact finishes in the series come out that night or Thursday morning and I’ll have something on those before the games start on Saturday. We’ll see how much value there is in the actual game-by-game lines. I’m guessing less than the second and third weekends of the NCAA tourney.

CBB YTD: 340-292-16 (53.8%)

NBA YTD: 96-85-1 (53.0%)

Total YTD: 436-377-17 (53.6%)

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