CFB Championship and Heisman Picks

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Champion Picks

Favorites (Top 8)

Florida State +850

Almost an overwhelming amount of talent coming back. They get Clemson at home. Francois could be the next big thing at QB. Jimbo Fisher has won a title and then got to the semifinals a year later. They’ve got depth just about everywhere.

Second Tier (40-1 or less)

Stanford +3500

Washington is getting a ton of buzz there in the Pac-12 North this season and yet you can practically lock in the Cardinal for double digit wins every year. Kevin Hogan is gone, but Keller Chryst could be just as good this season.

Darkhorse (70-1 or less)

Texas A&M +6500

I professed my love for the Aggies in the SEC write-up already. A lot of this depends on Trevor Knight and him not sucking.

Super Darkhorse (75-1 or more)

Oklahoma State +10000

The schedule is scary, but I think they’re a Top 15 team with Top 30 type odds.

Heisman Picks

Favorites (Top 6)

Dalvin Cook +1200

The best team’s best player who is gonna put up insane numbers if he stays healthy.

Second Tier (40-1 or less)

Nick Chubb +3500

The SEC East stinks and there’s a good chance that Georgia reaches the SEC Title game with just one game to win to make the playoff. If the Bulldogs reach those heights, it’s gonna be on the back of Nick Chubb running for a million yards.

Darkhorse (70-1 or less)

Bo Scarbrough +5000

Alabama RBs are never a bad bet for the Heisman, especially with the comparisons Scarbrough is getting. With a name like that, he’s destined for big things.

Super Darkhorse (75-1 or more)

Saquon Barkley +8000

There’s a chance Penn State has a big year. If they do, their offense will be carried by Barkley. He basically played 9.25 games last year and still ran for over 1,000 yards (5.9 ypc). He even managed to put up 7.8 ypc on San Diego State last year before getting hurt after 8 carries.


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