CBB Picks: 1/10

ST. JOSEPH’S (-4) over George Mason

Game 3 without Newkirk for the Hawks, but it’s also Game 4 of James Demery coming back from his injury. It’s not a wash, but Demery has put up 42 points total the last couple of games.

GMU does their best to take away the three, but that’s not a focal point for the Hawks on offense, so that mitigates an advantage for GMU that they would have against a shooting team. On the other end, the Hawks zone matches up well against the Patriot offense. GMU has a couple of fairly capable shooters, but it’s far from a strength. Marquise Moore is the lead guy for the Patriots and he’s a 6-2 guard that is 7-42 from three in his career and heavily reliant on getting to the free throw line, which is difficult against most zones and that rings true with SJU.

GREEN BAY (-3.5) over Northern Kentucky

I don’t really think the Norse are equipped to guard GB. The Phoenix are far from an elite offense, but Charles Cooper has taken it to the next level in Horizon play so far. The concern with this game is that NKU gets heated up from outside. That’s very possible, but even if so I think the Norse are going to have some turnover issues. That’s been an underlying problem all year and it’s been amplified when the tempo is faster, which it always is playing Green Bay.

FAIRFIELD (-2.5) over Canisius

First things first: Canisius’ defense is butt. They don’t do anything well at that end of the floor. On the other end, they’re a very perimeter shooting oriented team and that’s the one thing a fairly average Fairfield defense guards well. I don’t think the Griffs can generate enough offense around the rim to win this game.

Season: 51-51-1 (50.0%)


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