CBB Picks: 1/18

Sorry for the lack of picks/explanations the past few days. I started a new job this week and haven’t had a lot of time. Hopefully you found something useful out of the championship futures piece. I also missed the Big Ten Power Rankings this week, so I’m sorry to the 11 of you that read it. Quick recap: nobody is really THAT good in the Big Ten, but also only Rutgers is bad. It’s mediocre city.

But it’s not like I was on a hot streak, so at least I didn’t infect your minds with my shitty analysis.

The good news is that we were lingering around .500 in CBB all of January last year, before ending up 48 games above .500 for a cool +18.8 units.

Florida (+1) over SOUTH CAROLINA

You’ll be fine against the Gamecocks if you take care of the basketball and not many are better at that than Florida. SC’s defense is good in a lot of ways, but forcing turnovers might be the most important thing. The four best teams they’ve played in terms of not turning it over are Memphis, Clemson, Michigan, and Monmouth. They got hammered at Memphis, lost at home to Clemson, had to beat Monmouth in OT at home, but they did cruise over Michigan.

The Gators will take advantage of the Gamecocks’ aggressiveness and bury them at the line. On the other end, SC’s offense is just putrid and they’ll have their own turnover concerns.

Oklahoma (+17) over WEST VIRGINIA

Can Oklahoma win? Probably not, but they can make it a game largely due to Jordan Woodard. In the point guard’s three games against Press Virginia last year he committed all of two (2) turnovers. That’s 0.67 turnovers per game against the best press in the country as the primary ball handler. Between him and Christian James, the Sooners should be able to make enough shots to stay in the game and Rashard Odomes is starting to play pretty well.

BRADLEY (+11) over Illinois State

This one isn’t gonna work out if the Redbirds get hot from outside, but nobody’s been better thus far in defending the three in the MVC than the Braves. Not to mention, Bradley can shoot it themselves. It’s a very vulnerable spot for ISU after the huge win over Wichita at home over the weekend. That’s mainly why I like this one, to be honest. Bradley has been fairly solid at home, but they need to take care of the ball, which they haven’t been very good at.

Ohio State (+1) over NEBRASKA

Feels like a team that’s been disappointing just got the win to kickstart its season against the team that’s overachieved in the early conference season  and is sliding back down to earth. The Huskers rode some hot (uncharacteristic) shooting to some early big wins, but it can’t last.

UC Irvine (-5.5) over CAL POLY – 2u

Words can’t describe how bad Cal Poly has been this year. Irvine continues to be valued based on their overall resume and not their current form.

Season: 71-72-1 (49.7%)


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