CBB Picks: 2/8

UCONN (-7) over South Florida – 1H
UCONN (-12) over South Florida

South Florida appears to have pretty much quit on their season. They’ve been getting blown out pretty much every game, especially on the road. They’ve had a couple scores that ended up a lot closer than the games actually were due to garbage time. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen today. UConn has been really solid at home since the new year.

Rutgers (+10.5) over OHIO STATE

The Big Ten was WILD yesterday. If you can find a constant in the league, it’s Ohio State playing down to competition. Rutgers is a little unpredictable, but I think they’ll be able to guard Ohio State fairly well and it’s not like the morgue that is Value City Arena will have any great impact. Nigel Johnson’s status is up in the air, but it might be better if he doesn’t play.

UC DAVIS (-5) over CS Fullerton – 2u

Davis is really good at home, one of probably two teams who can win the Big West, and the best defensive team in the league. Fullerton is a team that’s never been able to sustain success (mainly due to the rare opportunities of any success to sustain) under Dedrique Taylor. They’re coming off two wins. The most recent being a blowout road win a week ago. Basically I’m betting that they’re a bit overconfident and heading up to play a more disciplined team that has a lot to play for.

Season: 111-103-1 (51.9%)


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