Season Total Tracker: After Week 1

Last year I picked the Power 5 totals before the season – after spending an embarrassing amount of hours doing research and writing them – and then never spoke of them again. That was pretty dumb.

This year, I’m gonna pick a few of the outcomes from the recent week of games that affected the totals the most. This will obviously have a slant toward my picks – given that they’re broken down by the confidence I placed in them – but I’ll still touch on major results for the 112 teams I didn’t bet on.


TCU (over 7.5) beats Jackson State 63-0

The Frogs are the only one in this group, so I guess get used to a lot of Kenny Trill talk. Not much to say this week. Anytime you’ve got heavy stakes on a team winning at least 8 games, I guess it’s nice to see that they can roll over a team that went 3-8 in the SWAC last year.


Vandy (under 6) beats MTSU (over 7, 2*) 28-6

This was always a toss-up game and one that Vandy was favored in, so it’s not time to panic yet. It was a little unsettling how dominant their defense was against a pretty good offense, however. Also not great: Kyle Shurmur being very competent at QB.

Oregon (over 8) beats Southern Utah 77-21

Similar to the TCU result, but at least SUU is a decent FCS program. Maybe the biggest news out of the week is that Vegas respects Oregon enough to have them giving 14 points to Nebraska this weekend. Other good news: upcoming road opponents Wyoming and Arizona State both looked worse than what was probably expected.


Maryland (over 3.5) beats Texas (over 8, 1*) 51-41


Boston College (over 4) beats Northern Illinois (over 6, 1*) 23-20

It wasn’t the prettiest thing, but it’s a win on the road against a not-terrible team. Still 4 to 6 games left on the schedule they’ll have at least a 50ish% chance of winning.

South Carolina (over 5.5) beats NC State (over 7.5, 1*) 35-28

Big one for the Gamecocks. The +100000 national championship bid is still alive.


Florida (over 8.5) loses to Michigan (under 9, 1*) 33-17

It wasn’t a huge deal that they lost, but it was the fact their offense once again looks absolutely terrible and that there’s no real QB again.

Florida State (over 10) loses to Alabama (over 11) 24-7

I didn’t expect them to win, but reallllllly coulda done without Francois being lost for the season.

Texas A&M (over 7) loses to UCLA (over 7.5, 1*) 45-44

Blowing a 34-point lead is never an ideal way to start the season. Never ideal.


Baylor (over 7.5) loses to Liberty 48-45

LIBERTY! Credit to me for having the guts to bet on a program in complete shambles.

Georgia Tech (under 6.5) loses to Tennessee (under 7.5) 42-41

I guess in a head-to-head under match here, it’s always better to have the team with a higher total win. I think they both might suck.

Cal (under 3.5) beats UNC (under 7) 35-30

This, on the other hand, was not good.



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