Season Total Tracker: After Week 2


TCU (over 7.5) beats Arkansas (under 6.5, 1*) 28-7

I didn’t have big expectations for Arkansas heading into the season, but either way, a road win against an SEC team is never easy. But I appreciated the Frog D thoroughly dominating the Hog O and it was never a sweat.

HOWEVAH, one thing I was counting on this year was Kenny Hill being better at quarterback. It’s only two games, but…he still kinda sucks. The running game has been fruitful, but they still don’t have a go-to receiver. It’s hard to complain too much about a team that’s up 91-7 on the season and has another blowout looming, but still.


Oregon (over 8) beats Nebraska (under 7, 2*) 42-35

I was ready to cash the ticket when the Ducks went into half 42-14. Pop the champagne, light the stogies, this puppy is already over. All I have to do now is hope they win the natty and cash that +10500 ticket.

Losing the second half 21-0 and nearly blowing the game entirely was less fun.

But a win’s a win and the show goes on. The offense still put up 1,000 yards. The defense still looks a hell of a lot better than last year. We’re still in the soft part of the schedule.

Vandy (under 6) beats Alabama A&M 42-0

Whatever. You expect that.

But if they beat K-State, I might start panicking a little bit.


Georgia (over 8.5) beats Notre Dame (over 8) 20-19

Georgia is right on pace for 9 or 10 wins. Notre Dame loses a close game. Brian Kelly is being an unnecessary asshole. Pretty much par for the course.

If Notre Dame doesn’t beat BC this weekend, it’s over.

Central Michigan (over 6.5) beats Kansas (over 3, 1*) 45-27

I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t some real concern in the MLP household after it took the Chips 3 OTs to take care of Rhode Island at home. The same Rhode Island that has gone 16-74 since 2009.

But we are so back in Mount Pleasant. Shane Morris is throwing for 467 and 5 tuddies. We’ve got a vulnerable Syracuse team coming up this weekend.

Houston (over 8) beats Arizona (over 5.5, 1*) 19-16

The Cougs now have to go 9-2 in order to cash out due to the UTSA game being cancelled, so this is a nice place to start. The offense still looks like it can rack up the yards without Tom Herman, at least. Defense only gave up 16 points.

Illinois (under 3.5) beats Western Kentucky (under 9.5, 1*)

Seems preposterous…but is Illinois good? Could be our first loser of the season.


Georgia Southern (over 5) loses to New Hampshire 22-12

I thought that Tyson Summers going away from the option in his first year last year was the problem. It appears now that maybe Tyson Summers is the problem.

MTSU (over 7) beats Syracuse (under 4.5, 1*) 30-23

After dropping game one in ugly fashion to Vandy at home, this is a big one. The Stockstill-James combo was back in full swing. This week will be tough at Minnesota, but after that it’s four of the worst teams in college football.

Ohio State (over 11) loses to Oklahoma (under 9.5, 1*) 31-16

This was unfortunate. Am I worried? No. The push is still gonna happen. Urban Meyer was put on this Earth to win football games at a minimum of a 92% clip.


Baylor (over 7.5) loses to UTSA (over 6.5) 17-10

Nobody likes a guy who can’t laugh at himself and the Baylor over will go down as one of the worst predictions of all-time.


Louisville (over 9.5) beats UNC (under 7) 47-35

I’m going to miss Lamar Jackson so much.

San Diego St. (over 9.5) beats Arizona State (under 5) 30-20

The Aztecs are a well-oiled machine.



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