Season Total Tracker: After Week 4


TCU (over 7.5) beat Oklahoma State (over 9, 1*) 44-31

(TCU 4-0; OSU 3-1)


I gotta be honest, I was afraid the Frogs might get blown out.

I’m now wondering what the spread will be when they play Bama in the natty.  Could be double digits.


Vanderbilt (under 6) loses to Alabama (over 11, 2*) 59-0

(Vandy 3-1; Bama 4-0)

I obviously counted this as a loss when trying to figure out Vandy’s record this year, so it’s really not that big of a deal that they did in fact lose.

On the other hand, here’s to hoping that this total embarrassment at home destroys all that confidence the Dores built up the past few weeks.

Oregon (over 8) loses to Arizona State (under 5, 1*) 37-35

(Oregon 3-1; ASU 2-2)

Buddy, this was not good. This was the kind of loss that would force the Ducks to run the table at home and take one on the road against UW, UCLA, or Stanford. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that it’s not clear if UCLA or Stanford is any good. Not to mention their stadiums get about as raucous as a funeral. It’s not time to panic, but the sphincter is getting tighter.


Houston (over 8) loses to Texas Tech (under 5) 27-24

(Houston 2-1; Tech 3-0)

To recap:

  • This game hurts the Houston season win total bet
  • This game hurts the Texas Tech season win total bet
  • I made Houston -6 my best bet of the week
  • I put Houston in a money line parlay

Other than that, this game had zero impact on my gambling bankroll. Thanks for the five (5) turnovers, fellas!

Ohio (over 7.5) beats Eastern Michigan (under 4.5, 1*) 27-20

(Ohio 3-1; EMU 2-1)

I hate to jinx things, but the next four games on the schedule for the Bobcats: @UMass, CMU, @Bowling Green, Kent State. Could be a lot easier than I thought.

Maryland (over 3.5) loses to UCF (over 7.5, 1*) 38-10

(Maryland 2-1; UCF 2-0)

It’s not the end of the world. UCF is good. However, if you’re looking for an easy Terp win on the schedule, it doesn’t exist. Okay, maybe at Rutgers. Even then, the injuries at QB are concerning.


Florida State (over 10) loses to NC State (over 7.5, 1*) 27-21

(FSU 0-2; NC State 3-1)

Whenever you bet on a team to go 11-1 and they start off 0-2, it’s not great.

Virginia (under 5) beats Boise State (over 8.5, 1*) 42-23

UVA had won like 1 of their last 200 on the road, but of course they go in to Boise and thoroughly dump truck the Broncos. Still gonna be a tough road for the Hoos, but they’re doing too much winning by too many points for my taste.



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