2019 A-10 Tournament Betting Preview


All 14 teams make the field, Top 10 get a bye, with the Top 4 getting a double bye. Games start on Wednesday and conclude on Sunday.

The first round is on ESPN+, second and third rounds are on NBCSN, semis are on CBSSN, and the championship game is on CBS.





VCU +100

Other Contenders

Dayton +350

Davidson +460

Darkhorse Candidates

St. Bonaventure +925

Saint Louis +2000

George Mason +2850

Rhode Island +4000

Duquesne +9000

St. Joseph’s +10000

Unfortunately Irrelevant

La Salle +22500

UMass +22500

Richmond +30000

GW +75000

Fordham +75000


NCAA Bracket Maximizer

Excluded: VCU

It has without a doubt been a down year for the league, but Dayton and Davidson are still about the same quality of team that you see on the current bubble, they just missed some opportunities early in the year.

You’re not going to get a ton of points with either team because of their slower pace, but they both move the ball really well and have two of the better halfcourt offenses out there. Plenty of good guards and wings to choose from on either team. Obviously both have been in the tournament quite often in the past decade or so, which doesn’t hurt with the average fan.

Best Bet

VCU +100

I mean it just seems highly unlikely that the Rams lose before the championship. They’re likely to play Rhode Island in their first game, who they just beat by 34. Their semi matchup is likely either the Bonnies or GMU. They beat the Bonnies by 30 on the road in their only matchup. They just beat GMU by 35 on the road like a week ago.

Does any of that make you nervous? At that point, you can hedge them in the final to guarantee a profit or you can just roll with them because they’ve clearly differentiated themselves as the best team in the conference.

Davidson and Dayton are decent enough, but they’ve both proven that they’re untrustworthy. Davidson has lost multiple times to teams in the “Unfortunately Irrelevant” category. Dayton has lost multiple home games to middling teams in the league.

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