This blog is meant to be the first to ever have a heavy emphasis on sports gambling, Big Ten athletics, and 42-time Emmy nominated sitcom, The Office. Well, it turns out blogging about a show that premiered over a decade ago doesn’t quite move the needle for degenerate gamblers, so that portion has been discontinued. We’ll always have that first blog together, though. Thank you to the four of you that read it!

I’m no expert on gambling. I don’t have some super complicated theorem or formula that I use to pick games and win a bunch of money. I’m just a Joe Shmoe that likes sports and likes the rush of money being on the line. (Edit: This used to be true. I’m still just a Joe Shmoe, but I’m now a Joe Shmoe with about 40 spreadsheets that weigh heavily into every pick.)

I grew up in the Midwest and went to a Big Ten school. I’ve been on two staffs at major Division-1 basketball schools, worked for a Big Ten football team, and in a sports information office.

I started this blog just because I’ve always wanted to write about these things, but I’ll write about whatever else I feel compelled to write about, too. If you’re reading this, you’re here, so read some of this garbage and hopefully you’ll be mildly entertained for a few minutes.

You can e-mail me at moneylineparlays@gmail.com or check out my Twitter @MLParlays.

2018-19 CBB: 156-126-9 (+18.1u)

2018 CFB: 82-75 (+23.75u)

2018 CFB Season Win Totals: 12-9-2 (+3.2*)

2017-18 CBB: 168-139 (+13.3u)

2017 CFB: 84-88-4 (-10.6u)

2017 CFB Season Win Totals: 12-3-3 (+29.1*)

2016-17 CBB: 171-154-4 (+1.6u)

2016 CFB: 125-108-15 (+6.2u)

2015-16 CBB: 340-292-16 (+18.8u)

2015-16 NBA: 96-85-1 (+2.5u)


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